Unlike most sloppers, who pass themselves off as culinary experts just because they know how to siphon a water still, Bigby can actually cook. This has put him in high demand, although the price for hiring Bigby is often joining him on one of his legendary (and dangerous) ingredient hunts. The Ratling delves deep into the badzones of the underhive in his search for exotic plants and animals to fill his slop pot. Some say he is merely looking to add new recipes to his repertoire, though others claim he seeks to create the perfect dish, one good enough to win his way into the spire. A well-fed gang is a happy gang! Keep your fighters fit and healthy with a Ratling slopper who can also help out in turf wars with his stub gun and trusty ladle. He comes with a seperate slop pot, which stands on top of the grill and contains his latest culinary creation.


Hired Guns




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