The Battle Sisters make up the vast majority of each of the Orders
Militant, gunning down heretic, xenos and traitor alike with their holy
trinity of weaponry – bolter, melta and flamer. They are the foot
soldiers of the Emperor, his sword of defiance and his shield
indomitable. Beneath their thundering bolters countless aliens, mutants,
traitors and heretics have met their doom. Wherever they advance across
the battlefield the light of the Emperor spreads like a holy dawn,
manifesting in miracles that see the bolts and blasts of the enemy
turned impossibly aside or the foe consumed by the fires of righteous
retribution. Onwards the Battle Sisters march, their exultant prayers
ringing out all the more stridently at these breathtaking proofs of the
Emperor’s manifest divinity, and with every squeeze of their triggers
they despatch more of the unworthy abominations that dare stand against
the Master of Mankind.

This kit builds 10 Battle Sisters and 1 Incensor Cherub. The Battle
Sisters are equipped with boltguns, though up to two of them can be
assembled with a special weapon (storm bolter, meltagun or flamer).
Alternatively, one Battle Sister may carry a special weapon while
another bears a heavy weapon (heavy bolter or heavy flamer). One of your
Battle Sisters can carry a sacred Simulacrum Imperialis, with two
variant options mounted atop the pole. The components also enable you to
build a Sister Superior armed with a chainsword or power sword and a
choice of ranged weapons, including a condemnor boltgun or combi-weapon
(combi-flamer, -melta or -plasma).

This set is supplied in 179 plastic components and contains 10x Citadel
32mm Round Bases and 1x Citadel 25mm Round Base. An Adepta Sororitas
Transfer Sheet is also included


The Horus Heresy, Warhammer 40k

[WH] Battlefield Role


[WH] Unit Type

Character, Infantry

[WH] Army or Faction (Imperium)

Adepta Sororitas




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