Argel Tal was among the first to gaze into the madness known as the Eye of Terror and, in doing so, was damned, as that roiling mass of warp-stuff gazed back into his soul. A fusion of human soul and daemonic power, Argel Tal is held up as a prime example of his Primarch’s intentions for the future of Humanity.

Along with his brothers, the Gal Vorbak, Argel Tal donned the crimson heraldry of betrayal to become a blight upon the imperium. Empowered by his pact with the Daemon Raum, he cut a bloody swathe across the war-torn galaxy, sending untold loyalist souls screaming into the warp.

This eight-piece, multipart resin kit builds one Argel Tal, for use in games of The Horus Heresy. This superbly sculpted miniature is bristling with daemonic details, displaying a fusion of flesh, bone and ceramite. Traces of Tal’s human self still remain – such as the icon of the Serrated Sun on his chest. However, there is no mistaking the power of his brutal new form, as he holds a bisected Space Marine in Mk II power armour between his bloody claws.


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