Asthenas’ fist smashed against the table, summoning the council chamber of Concord of the Eagle to calm down. Once again, strategic considerations had quickly rekindled the old standing grudges. Asthenas, the voice of the council, was disheartened. He was seriously starting to doubt the relevance of the Concord? Suddenly the chamber doors flew open, making way for an archon of the Faathi. Arguments slowly died away under the warm and yet determined gaze of the emissary. Once silence was complete, the minotaur’s voice rang as loud and clear as his faith: The Faathi have spoken to me and I am here to share their word. Quarrels must cease and all should be proud of the Concord of the Eagle, for [it] is your only hope of survival in the Rag’narok.You are not alone.Those who doubt us still will soon see that the army of the Faathi is invincible. After the Archons departure, all turned to Asthenas, waiting. It was high time to prepare the coming battles. The Words of the Archon.” Cry Havoc Online 35

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