Alarielle the Radiant Alarielle is the eleventh Everqueen to rule since the time of Aenarion. Her flowing hair is like a golden cloud, and it is said that so great and timeless is her beauty that it can move even the immortal gods to tears. The Everqueen’s power is that of nature itself. Alarielle is an incredibly graceful miniature. She stands on raised toes on a sculpted base, which features the remains of a fallen Chaos Warrior enveloped by roses. She clutches her long, decorative and elegant dress with one hand, and with her other she holds aloft the Stave of Avelorn – through which she directs her magical powers. Her enormous curve of hair swoops down to one side, and it is fixed in place by the Star of Avelorn, an enchanted diadem that sits at the front of her head. Alarielle the Radiant is glorious addition to a High Elves collection. This finely detailed resin cast kit contains 4 components with which to make Alarielle the Radiant.

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Warhammer AoS

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