Upgrade your Adeptus Titanicus battlefields with a massive variety of scenery to fight over. The 17 resin models in this collection make perfect objectives for your games, as well as adding variety to your scenery collection. In this bundle, you’ll find a manufactorum building, three generators, an entrance to an underground complex, a set of three silos, a large storage area, eight barricades, a crate and a turbine. Combine these with plastic Civitas Imperialis scenery and other resin scenery to create the ultimate battlefield for your Titans and Knights. Many elements in this bundle are also perfect for adding detail to the bases of your Titans. This bundle consists of: – Adeptus Titanicus Manufactorum 99550399037 – one resin building – Adeptus Titanicus Power Generators 99550399036 – three resin power generators and one underground entrance – Adeptus Titanicus Silos 99560399038 – one set of three resin silos and one large storage area – Adeptus Titanicus Turbine, Crate & Barricades 99550399039 – eight resin barricades, one crushed crate and one circular turbine


Games Workshop / Forge World






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