112, Emergency Service (Doctor) In frontier territories, emergency services, like bars and brothels, work twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. In Ariadna, to be part of the Emergency Service is purely a voluntary career choice. The Service is tough and implies work in such harsh conditions that anybody else would rather stay well protected in a nearby base. It means attending to calls for help at any time, be it in the middle of storms, blizzards or Antipode raids. But none of this matters because their duty is to save lives. The 112 is the last hope of the colonist lost in the woods, of the mining complex isolated by snow, of the farm set on fire, of the wounded in a caravan assaulted by bandits? Their training turns them into field medics, as well as firemen and trackers. The harshness of the Ariadnan border territories has forced the 112 to become a paramilitary unit, with the objective of granting a complete capacity for emergency response. Though they are not considered combat troops, they collaborate with the Ariadnan army as an auxiliary rescue and medical assistance force. To be involved in battle is not something the members of the Emergency Service care for much, but like all men and women on the Ariadnan border, the 112 know how to handle a weapon to defend themselves against Antipode attacks. However, to co-operate in combat operations means a new way for them to help, as well as providing plenty of opportunities to break things down with their hatchets and crowbars.

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